Probably the best place I have ever been is might just be England. I have a special part in my heart for England.

You can go to England with a car or just take the airplane. It takes about 4 days to arrive there.  It might take even more if you are travelling by car.

After you arrive there you go to the hotel or where ever you are staying. I stayed at my aunts house. If you stay atsomeone elses house in England then you can observe that there are actually mostly villas more than apartments. You can also see that ymost people grow vegetables or fruits. I like that because it creates less carbon footprint as well as it has less chemicals. It is also a good hobby seeing it is hard to find good hobby’s like this.

I saw my cousins Ria and Tria. They went to Oxford and it is also very popular in England.

There are many diffrent dishes in England. For example fish and chips is very popular. Aswell as pork many other dishes.

When you say England you probably think of places to visit. The first plave I went to is lego-land. I got many souvenirs from there. I got a very cute magnet and some lego pieces. You can see how legos are made and there are many other activities. Another placeto go is Stonehenge. You can visit there and get a taste from the past. There is also a shop called pots of art and you can make you creativity grow by the amazing arts and crafts there.

And that’s some things you can do in England

Rania Ece Talaş 6/i 1063

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